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Photos – Arrested Development, 5/25/18, Bogart’s, Cincinnati, OH

Arrested Development

Arrested Development

Photos by Scott Preston


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Arrested Development Performing At Bogart’s On Friday 5/25

Arrested Development

Arrested Development

Arrested Development
Bogarts, 2621 Vine St, Cincinnati, OH
8pm, Buy Tickets

It’s been twenty years since a new group called Arrested Development slammed the gangsta dominated world of hip hop with defiant lyrics of hope. Apparently the world was ready for the change as AD became the first ever hip-hop artist to receive the “best new artist” Grammy, (a distinction it still maintains today in that category). In addition, the group also received a Grammy award for “best rap single” for their anthemic prayer-like hit song, Tennessee. Read more

Interview with Eshe and Tasha from Arrested Development



Interview and Photos by Amy Nichole Harris

July 12, 2010

The Atlanta based- group Arrested Development, won two Grammy Awards in 1993 for Best New Artist and Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group, and was also named Band of the Year by Rolling Stone magazine. In January 2010, they released a new single “The World is Changing”, which was #9 on Japan Pop.

I sat down with Eshe & Tasha before their performance at the Essence Music Festival in New Orleans on July 2, 2010 to discuss their musical journey over the years.

Amy: It’s been a long time between albums 2006 through 2009. Why the break?
Eshe: We’ve been together for 15 years. We took a small break at one point and got back together in 1998-1999. When we got back into the studio it just happened organically.

Amy: When Speech formed your group, it was as an alternative to gangsta rap. Music has changed a lot in the past 15 years. How do you feel about the current state of hip-hop and rap today?
Eshe: Well, in the beginning we just wanted to do good music that the family could listen to and was positive for the community and the world. It was just natural for us. We didn’t start out with an agenda. Today, I think there are a lot of good artists out there, but there isn’t balance in music. I have a daughter who is seven and I try to expose her to a broad view of music. There are a lot of great groups out there that are under the radar. Read more

New Video from Arrested Development – Greener

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Photos – Fall Hookahville 2008, Legend Valley, Thornville, OH

ekoostik hookah

ekoostik hookah

ekoostik hookah (8.29)
ekoostik hookah (8.30)
ekoostik hookah (8.31)
Freekbass, 8/29/08
Arrested Development, 8/30/08
GreenLeif, 8/31/08
Rumpke Mountain Boys, 8/31/08
Abigail Washburn & The Sparrow Quartet, 8/31/08
Super Massive, 8/30/08
Perpetual Groove, 8/31/08
Random / Misc Photos

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Fall Hookahville 2008 – 8/30/2008 Saturday

Saturday started with not a cloud in the sky and I made sure to make it down to the stage for Arrested Development. They have been together for 17 years and their set was by far the best show I have seen all year. I highly recommend checking them out if you get the chance.

arrested development

Arrested Development

More Photos – Arrested Development, 8.30.08, Legend Valley, Thornville, OH Read more

Interview with Speech from Arrested Development

speech, arrested development

Speech from Arrested Development

Interview by Scott Preston

ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT Speaks thru music to the world. Speech one of the vocalist for this collective says, Our people have been through so much turmoil and strife for hundreds of years now. We get on stage every night with the mission to broaden the perspectives and give inspiration to rise above the stereotypes and materialism.” Unsurprisingly, then, the Grammy award winning group Arrested Development has been devoted to nudging folks in the direction of freedom and spiritual evolution for over 15 years.

The group describes their sound as “Life Music.” A.D. respects women, and promotes family, spirituality and “male responsibility.” They are about consciousness, the earth, African self determination and love. They define themselves as hip-hop artists but also just artists.” They are dancers, vocalists, turntablist, drummers, and everything in between. Arrested Development is and has always been a communal music community with any number of talented members on board, picture your family reunion but more musical. Speech may be the most known member of the group, being the front man, but Dionne Farris, Eshe (Black Life), Rasa Don (Raz), Baba Oje (the elder), Nicha and many others have contributed much to this Kalidescope of image and sound. (from arresteddevelopmentmusic.com)

Cincy Groove: How did Arrested Development first get together?

Speech: Back in 1987 I went to a school called The Art Institute of Atlanta. One of the first members I put in the group was a brother named Headliner. He and I started talking and doing these 2 man shows together. We would bring people on stage to do African dance, graffiti, some rhyming. It really started to grow from there because some of the people that came on stage we would invite to come to the next show. Thats basically how the group grew into what it is today. Read more

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