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Shakori Hills Grassroots Festival of Music and Dance April 17-20

Silk Hope, NC – This Spring marks the Shakori Hills Grassroots Festival of Music and Dance’s kindest gift to the earth yet. The festival, held April 17-20, is put on by the non-profit Shakori Hills, Inc., whose mission is to preserve and enhance the Shakori Hills Farmstead in order to provide a place for community building through arts and education in Chatham County, NC and beyond. This spring, the festival will be offering a variety of ways to learn how to be earth-friendly. In a world that is finally starting to notice the importance of conservation, recycling, and environmental education, Shakori Hills is one of the local organizations leading the way to a healthier earth. Read more

Photos – Steven Gregory & Casey Lamb, 3.29.08, Peachs Grill, Yellow Springs, OH

steven gregory

Steven Gregory

More Photos – Steven Gregory & Casey Lamb, 3.29.08, Peachs Grill, Yellow Springs, OH

Photos by Scott Preston

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Photos – Richie Havens, 3.29.08, Peachs Grill, Yellow Springs, OH

richie havens

Richie Havens

More Photos – Richie Havens, 3.29.08, Peachs Grill, Yellow Springs, OH

Photos by Scott Preston

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Show Review : Richie Havens, 3.29.2008, Peachs Grill, Yellow Springs, OH

Richie Havens

Richie Havens

Review and Photos by Scott Preston

I always enjoy when Richie Havens makes his annual trip through the state of Ohio. Peachs Grill in Yellow Springs, OH holds less than 200 people. Richie also had 2 very talented musicians playing with him, Walter Parks on guitar and Stephanie Winters on cello. I have rarely ever been to a show where single person in the bar was paying attention to what was happening on the stage. Everyone in the venue was hanging on every word that Richie spoke. It just shows the respect that the man receives. He started off the evening with Dylan’s All Along the Watchtower. Followed a few songs later by Maggie’s Farm. Richie is truly a master of interpretation of Bob Dylan’s music. Shortly thereafter Richie sang his signature song Freedom. A nice surprise was Richie singing an accapela version of You are So Beautiful to Me. Richie left the stage but wasn’t finished yet. He returned to the stage to perform George Harrison’s Here Comes The Sun. Something else that impresses me about Richie Havens that after the show he will come back out and take photos and sign cd’s for every single person that is standing in line. A truly genuinely kind person. Read more

Bootzilla Productions Presents: “A Tribute to the Godfather of Soul” Tour

bootsy collins

Bootsy Collins

Bootsy Collins joined the James Brown band at a ripe old age of 17.The Godfather had no mercy and quickly showed him how to play on the One, Then from there he let Bootsy do his thang, that’s right, as long as it was James Brown Tight he could play all night. Now Bootsy and Original JB’s Rhythm section: Catfish Collins, Guitar, Jabo(on the One)Starks and Clyde (the funky drummer) Stubblefield, on Drums, with Johnny (theAfrikan Groove-ulator) Griggs, and Bobby Byrd’s son Bart Anderson Byrd, will sit in for Bobby Byrd on Organ. Tony Wilson, who Mr. Brown himself, acknowledged him as the “Young James Brown” will sing, will prance and dance while checking out The Hot Pants! Bobby Byrd Band featuring: Mrs. Vicky Anderson Byrd, who was one of the first Kings Queens to go solo as a James Brown Productions Artist, along with her sons and daughters will remind you why Bobby Byrd said, “I know you got Soul, if you didn’t you wouldn’t be in Here!” Escapism Band, put together by Brian Hardgroove the Bass player for Public Enemy, will make it Funky, along with a lot of other JB Classic’s. Now Venisha Brown ,the daughter of James Brown, who not only looks exactly Like him, she also dances just like him, but she got the swerves and the curves that Papa didn’t take no mess, didn’t have. Freekbass, with the quake of his Mutronic onslaught of his own Bootsy style Bass. Read more

Interview with David Gans

david gans

David Gans

Interview and Photos by Scott Preston

Known far and wide as the light behind the widely syndicated Grateful Dead Hour radio program, several books on the Dead and a number of intriguing CDs relating to the band and its music, David Gans has in recent years blossomed into a compelling performer in his own right, touring nationally and releasing several albums, the most recent of which is the critically acclaimed Twisted Love Songs. The seventeen tunes on Twisted Love Songs offer a wonderful glimpse of the breadth of this modern troubadour’s musical gifts.

Armed with his sturdy baritone, an electro-acoustic guitar and a pedal-controlled looping setup that allows him to layer multiple guitar parts into a complex contrapuntal weave, David makes the term “solo artist” seem woefully inadequate – surely we’re hearing other unseen guitarists in this glorious stew! But no, the folks who were witness to the live performances from which the album was culled can tell you there were no other players in the shadows or pre-recorded tape legerdemain involved – just a marvelous right brain-left brain synergy that allows David to conceive of and execute his loop collages in real-time and in perfect rhythm; no easy feat, to be sure. On the instrumental “Cassidy’s Cat,” he deftly interlaces melodic figures from a trio of beloved Grateful Dead songs – “Cassidy,” “China Cat Sunflower” and “Bird Song” – to fascinating effect: it unfolds like some steadily moving audio collage. Other songs on the CD use looping to different degrees, some not at all. This isn’t the gimmick of some one-trick pony, but a carefully conceived approach to song construction that has evolved with David’s own songwriting. (from bio on

Cincy Groove: Why did you choose the title “Twisted Love Songs” for your most recent cd?

David Gans: I originally wanted to call the album Twisted Love Songs and Workplace Travesties. This particular collection of songs has those kinds of themes in it. There are actually a couple songs that are both a twisted love song and a workplace travesty. Because sometimes work is a twisted love situation. Naming albums is one of those weird things. My last couple of cds were very plainly named, Solo Acoustic and Solo Electric. I thought I needed to display my character and wit a little bit. Read more

Interview with Rob Chafin from The Werks

the werks, rob chafin

Rob Chafin from The Werks

Interview by Scott Preston

In order to fully understand The Werks, one must first witness them perform live. Self-described as a groove rock band, The Werks’ original songs explore genres such as funk, electronica, soul, bluegrass, jazz, afro-cuban, celtic, R&B, and dance. Their unique style of performing is affected and manipulated by the energy of the audience, guaranteeing that each show will be different and memorable.

Their influences are as eclectic as their music, but some common influences include Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton, The Allman Brothers, Phish, Jimi Hendrix, Rush, The Beatles, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pink Floyd, Umphrey’s McGee, and The Grateful Dead.

The Werks have shared the stage with many great acts such as Ekoostik Hookah, Particle, Tea Leaf Green, Badfish, U-Melt, The Macpodz, BoomBox, Freekbass, One Under, The Maji, The Recipe, The Spikedrivers, Rumpke Mountain Boys, Papadosio, Jam Samich, Burning River Band, Mike Perkins, Covert Operations, Boogie Matrix Mechanism and The Goods to name a few.

As their tour radius increases, it is obvious that The Werks are becoming one of the Midwest’s fastest growing bands. This success is largely accredited to the hard work of their street team and the dedication of their fans.

Cincy Groove: How long have The Werks been together?

Rob Chafin: Chuck and Houser were in one band and Dave and I were in another band. We ended up merging together about 2 1/2 years ago.

Cincy Groove: Who are some of your musical influences?

Rob Chafin: I would have to say Led Zeppelin, Phish, Umphreys McGee. Read more

500,000 hits in 365 Days for Katie Reider

katie reiderproject goal.
The goal of this project is to link 500,000 people within 365 days to We want to connect people to singer songwriter Katie Reider’s character, wit, personality, genuine talent and soul, as she continues her ongoing battle with a myofibroblastic inflammation tumor. Read more

Interview with Stephanie Winters

Stephanie Winters

Stephanie Winters

Interview by Scott Preston

Classically trained cellist Stephanie Winters is a pioneer in bringing the strength and richness of her instrument to different musical forms and genres. More than 100 artists have sought Stephanie out to record and tour with them, including Corrine Bailey Rae, Paula Cole, The O’Jays, Dar Williams, and Anne Murray.

Since 2004 Winters has been a cornerstone of Richie Havens‘ live show, playing more than 100 performances a year in North America, Europe and Australia with the Woodstock legend. She played on Havens last release, “Grace of the Sun”, and is featured on Havens’ forthcoming CD “Nobody Left to Crown” which was just released in Europe and is slated for a 2008 release in the United States. Read more

Steve Miller Band Releasing First Ever DVD

Coming Home Media will release Live From Chicago, the first-ever DVD from multi-Platinum selling recording artist the Steve Miller Band on May 20th. The three-disc set will be comprised of two DVDs and a 12-song CD. One of rock ‘n’ roll’s true originators, the Steve Miller Band has sold over 25 million albums since its 1968 debut and is still a mainstay of the summer concert season, attracting sold-out, multi-generational crowds. Read more

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