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Photos – Freekbass, 12.31.07, Peachs Grill, Yellow Springs, OH



More Photos – Freekbass, 12.31.07, Peachs Grill, Yellow Springs, OH

Photos by Scott Preston

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Photos – Amy Loftus, 12.28.07, Everybodys Records, Cincinnati, OH

amy loftus, everybodys records

Amy Loftus

More Photos – Amy Loftus, 12.28.07, Everybodys Records, Cincinnati, OH

Photos by Scott Preston

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Chris Walker Benefit Show 12/29/07 Southgate House

12.27.07 : Just announced! Special guest Noah Hunt! This will also be the first time Homunculus has played in over 3 years. Other bands that will be performing include The Walker Project, Rays Music Exchange, The Hiders, Worldwide, Selecter and Jason Dennie. Big Whiskey will also be hosting an open jam session in the Lounge.
There will also be raffles and prizes with all proceeds benefiting Friends For Chris Walker. Come out for a special night of music for Chris Walker. Read more

Show Review – James Brown Tribute Show 12/22/07

Madison Theater, Covington, KY
photos and review by Scott Preston

What can I say about an evening that blew all my expectations out of the water. The night began with a hollywood style red carpet event with most of the artists exiting a large bus and entering the Madison Theater.
The night was filled with so much funk, I know James Brown would have been proud. There was a special video message from Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory declaring December 22, 2007 James Brown Day in Cincinnati. Cincinnati Councilman John Cranley was also on hand to offically announce the formation of the Cincinnati USA Music Heritage Foundation. Read more

Interview with Amy Loftus

amy loftus

Amy Loftus

photo by Michael Gomez

Interview by Scott Preston

Singer/songwriter Amy Loftus is bringing her country rock sound and angelic voice to the tri-state area for 3 appearances on Friday Dec 28, 2007. I also was able to talk with her and ask her a few questions:

Cincy Groove:If you had a chance to collaborate with one musician of your choice on an album who
would it be?

Amy Loftus:Wyclef Jean

Cincy Groove:What is the strangest thing a fan has said or done?

Amy Loftus:That’d have to be the marriage proposal from the audience in San Diego a few weeks ago. He’s 20, and apparently, we’re myspace friends, but I hadn’t myself corresponded. I played “Ready to Fall”, which is about a woman loving a younger man, and dedicated it to him, which cracked everyone up. In between every song he shouted “you’re beautiful Amy! you’re gorgeous!” I must confess, he was so unabashed, I ate it up. Read more

Photos – Conrail Saints, 12.15.07, Molly Malones, Covington, KY

conrail saints

Conrail Saints

More Photos – Conrail Saints, 12.15.07, Molly Malones, Covington, KY

Photos by Scott Preston

Photos – Jon Justice Band, 12.15.07, Molly Malones, Covington, KY

jon justice

Jon Justice

More Photos – Jon Justice Band, 12.15.07, Molly Malones, Covington, KY

Photos by Scott Preston

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Interview with Misty Perholtz from The Newbees

the newbeesinterview and photos by Scott Preston

I had the chance to ask fellow Ohio University alumni (GO BOBCATS), Misty Perholtz (The Newbees) a few questions about life and music.

Cincy Groove: How did The Newbees end up writing a song for Gold Star Chili?

Misty Perholtz: It was a really a snap decision. On a Wednesday in March, GS’s ad agency called me. Someone had recommended us for the spot. My guess is because, our personalities tend to be pretty lighthearted and they knew we’d have a good time doing it. They allowed us to write our own tune simply because we asked if we could instead of doing the one the ad agency had written for us and because Jeff moonlights as a jingle writer anyway. The following Wednesday, we recorded at Ultrasuede and on Friday did the video shot. We had no idea how frequently it was going to be on t.v. or about the billboard. We just did it for a new experience and actually had a fun time doing it. Read more

Interview with Katie Reider

katie reider

Katie Reider

Interview/Photos by Scott Preston

One of the strongest people I know has to be Katie Reider. I am amazed at the strength she has after going through what she has gone through this year. As I sent her questions asking about her illness, she sent me the following which should answer any questions people might have:

Katie : (in her own words)
So many people have been emailing me, showing support, offering their prayers and asking lots of questions. SO, Here’s the detailed scoop, I have been going through some tough health stuff. I have been given a diagnosis between two things, Gorham’s Disease and Myfibroblastic Inflammation Pseudo Tumor. Basically, I have a tumor in my skull which has taken over the bone in the left side of my face. This started in February of ’06. My molar on the upper left side of my jaw became loose. I went to the dentist thinking I needed a root canal or something! It turns out, my tooth was fine, but there was no bone holding it in place.
From there, I was sent to other doctors and was misdiagnosed and treated for Osteomylitis for a year. I underwent 9 months of the antibiotic, Cipro (which is used on people who have been in contact with Anthrax), surgery to remove dead bone, 3 teeth extractions and 6 weeks of Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber treatments. I felt pretty good after all of that, but a couple of months later I got really sick. I started losing weight rapidly. I couldn’t keep food down and was getting weak.
This all happened shortly after I moved to New Jersey. My hopes were to take New York City by storm and sing every I weekend at different venues… but my body decided otherwise.
After being passed on by many doctors because they had no idea what was wrong with me, I ended up with Specialist’s at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York City. My condition was so rare, I had swarms of Doctors at every appointment. Quicky, I became a household name at the Hospital. More scans and one surgery later they determined I would need to undergo radiation therapy. This came at a difficult time, I was already very sick, weak and my Mom’s health was failing her. I was able to come home to Cincinnati at the end of July to see her. We were both a site… spent most of the time laying on the couch together, drinking smoothies and napping. I had never been so weak… nor had she. That trip was the last time I saw my Mom. She passed 2 weeks later, the third day of my radiation treatments. She was the most amazing woman I knew.

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John Prine to play Taft Theater 2/22/08

John Prine, Grammy winner in 2006 for best contemporary folk album with “Fair & Square,” will play Cincinnati Feb. 22, 2008 at the Taft Theatre.

His latest album is “Standard Songs for Average People,” a set of duets with Mac Wiseman.

Tickets – $51.50 and $41.50 plus fees – will go on sale at 10 a.m. Friday 12/14/07 at the box office and Ticketmaster locations. 513-562-4949;

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